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Permit number: E-000077/2014/A003                                                Number of lessons: 1300


Preliminary education requirements: GCSE


Under the direction of a specialist with a college or university degree, a social worker is able to provide social care within or outside the limits of institutions, and to supply personal service as well as remote assistance.For effective performance, he/she gets in personal touch with clients and colleagues and cooperates with them. Under direction, he/she solves problems, works by him/herself in the fields according to his/her competencies. If required, he/she is able to provide first-aid in case of accidents or sudden health failure. In the frame of social care, he/she organizes and conducts leisure and recreational activities. He/She is active at setting and operating the administrative part of social work.


identification number      title
10525-12                        General activities in social care
10559-12                         First-aid tasks
10527-12                         Part-tasks of assessing needs and problemsolving
10558-12                         Independent social care tasks
10562-12                        Tasks of organizing leisure and recreational activities
10563-12                        Administrative tasks of social work
11498-12                        Employment I (based on GCSE)
11499-12                        Employment II
11500-12                        Occupational health and safety


In case of non-school training:

• the passing of the final examinations of all modules and handing in the following pieces, completed during the training are required:

  •  An independently conducted interview about one’s path of life, min. 15-page long, written in form of a dialogue
  • A ’Login’ of a previously completed uninterrupted two-week long practice
  • A record of a leisure or recreational activity, carried out during practice
  • A collection of form-samples, used for administrating individual case studies
  • A final essay, min. 15-page long, based on independent social care activities, carried out in uninterrupted two-week long training. It has to be completed at 30 days before the complex exams and together with a professional assessment, it has to be available for the head of the board of the examiners at least 10 days before the complex exams.

• A certificate of a 120-lesson long improvement of professional skills (60 lessons of communication, 60 lessons of personality improvement)

• A certificate of a min. 400-hour long practice, 20% carried out in a training room, 80% completed in one of the institutes for social care or children’s welfare and protection, under the direction of a social expert with a trainer degree


identification number         title                                                                                         type of final examination
10525-12                                General activities in social care written,                            practical
10559-12                                First-aid tasks                                                                       practical
10527-12                                Part-tasks of assessing needs and problemsolving        written
10558-12                                Independent social care tasks                                            practical
10562-12                               Tasks of organizing leisure and recreational activities     practical
10563-12                               Administrative tasks of social work                                    practical
11498-12                               Employment I (based on GCSE)                                          written
11499-12                               Employment II                                                                         written
11500-12                              Occupational health and safety                                             written


Marks of certificates are based on rates of performing exam tasks.

Practical exam assignments

Title of exam assignment: Completing and presenting a final essay
Description of exam assignment: Completing and presenting a final essay, based on a completed uninterrupted two-week long independent social care activity. The essay must be handed in and assessed previously.

Duration of exam: 15 min

Evaluation weight ratio: 40% ( Completing essay: 20 %, Presenting essay: 20 %)
Title of exam assignment: Providing first-aid
Description of exam assignment: In front of the board of examiners, carrying out first-aid tasks under displayed circumstances, set by given conditions

Duration of exam: 20 min

Evaluation weight ratio: 10 %
Central written examination assignment

Title of exam assignment: Written exam based on centrally compiled test sheets

Description of exam assignment: The centrally compiled test sheets contain concepts of social care and the most important correlations

Duration of exam: 180 min

Evaluation weight ratio: 20 %
Oral examination assignment

Title of exam assignment: Presenting leisure time programmes

Description of exam assignment: Presenting a previously carried-out leisure or recreational programme by a centrally complied list of topics

Duration of exam: 15 min

Evaluation weight ratio: 10 %
Title of exam assignment: Conditions/Terms of social care , child welfare and care; supplies and methods of social work
Description of exam assignment: Presenting tasks by a centrally compiled list of topics of social care, child welfare and care; supplies and methods of social work

Duration of exam: 30 min (preparation time: 15 min, presentation: 15 min)

Evaluation weight ratio: 20%