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The Education and Expert Bt. – our adult education institute – is dedicated to the fulfillment of the statutory provisions, in accordance with the code of ethics of education and training. The Company’s Quality Management System is operated in accordance with existing laws, abode by the changes which are applied to operating its processes and preparing its project documents,- declares its commitment to meeting the high quality adult education.

The overall objectives of adult education: to enable citizens to meet the challenges of economic, cultural and technological development,- to enable them to successfully integrate in the world of work,- to improve the quality of life style through adult learning and training – to be successful in their lives. During its 19-year operation, our adult education institute has been setting and accomplishing its strategic objectives built around the above formulated social aims, and so it has become a well-known and recognized establishment in line.

Referring to its quality, our institutional strategy extends to the staff’s and departments’ responsibility for quality assurance, to activate and motivate the participants in training, as well as the ways of monitoring and reviewing the realization of quality policy and assurance.

The Education and Expert Bt. has been committed to quality performance in training and expert activities from the very beginning, and it considers quality performance as a token of existence.

Quality refers to the efficient and effective implementation of our mission, our vision, and it can be measured and demonstrated by the satisfaction of our staff and our service partners (adult trainees, trainers, employers, test organizers) and by approaching strategic goals and the outcomes of operation closer to each other.

The outstanding good results so far in the fields of prestige/profit-function, structure, work content and management account for the high-level institutional management, the up-to-date knowledge provided by auto-training, the leaders’ sensible attitude to market, the continuous institutional monitoring and evaluating, the analysis and abandonment of quality-influencing hindering factors and the continuous improvement.

The Education and Expert Bt. adult training institute’s strategic aim and basic effort:

  •  higher and higher standard of a full-scale service for its partners, – to enable our training participants to use self-control, to make decisions referring to their personalities, to acquire professional skills thoroughly, to apply theoretical knowledge into practice, to realize labour market, to manage themselves
  •  in order to achieve the above mentioned aim, to keep the sets of training, the most ideal adult training service, the customer service and other informative activities continuously up-to-date in our institute
  •  as a result according to the above, to extend participation in market connected with our adult training activities,- by so, to obtain advantages in market and professional circles among competitors.

Considering all of our partners’ demands and contentment, we undertake to build up, organize, develop our services connected with adult training activities, to set policy and control our activities, to operate our quality management system.
Our basic principles of quality assurance are

  •  that all our professional nad technical colleagues of our adult training institute undertake an obligation to comply the requirements during performing adult training tasks, – to provide material and personal conditions, -to bring adult training service and customer service to perfection,
  • that our aim for the sake of a more up-to-date and more efficient performance, to extend the management’s expert activities and skills in managing and adult training with the experience gained on internal-external training courses, – to provide a professional staff ready torenew and implement new methods.

Guarantees for realization of quality performance in adult training according to the demands of labour market:

  •  the managers’ commitment, planned and proper performance,
  • continuous monitoring and revising the implementation of our quality policy,
  • elaborating ways for continuous training and qualifying our staff,
  •  strengthening the professional- financial motivation of trainers and trainees, – initiating all participants into the realization of quality assurance, and continuous improvement of working conditions.

Our Company expands its adult training activities – beside its expert activities – as the following:

  • nationally accredited, NQR-listed qualifications
  • subsidized vocational training (according to labour market demands)
  • beside the above organizing, developing additionalactivities to adult training.

As a particular task, we undertake to work out training programmes in order to keep our training activities up to date, and we frame our educational system according to the guidelines of the existing adult educational laws, we control our activities,- we work out the methodology and the policy of our training activities to bring them up to date, and we adjust them to our management and documentation.

As a result of the legal changes in adult training, the authorized managers on behalf of our Company:

as for the company’s status as an accredited Adult Training Institute, we worked out our policy in December 2013 and applied for operational permit that followed the previous accrediting adult training,- furthermore for arranging qualifying actions of our training programmes by external experts (according to existing programme requirements).
Int he first quarter of 2014, the Authority registered our so far presented Training Programmes and authorized our Institute to carry on our adult training activities for indefinite period of time.

  • Our registered Adult Training Institute worked out and by 1 September 2014 it started to operate the structure and the operation of our quality management system, according to the principles of the quality assurance frame system for adult training, defined by the new laws for adult training.

Pusztamonostor, 05 January 2015